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Modern Logistics Means Modern Problems

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For a low, per shipped-sensor fee, CargoSense's unique model removes the burden of sensor logistics and lets you focus on product logistics. Our managed sensors record exactly what your product experiences, including temperature, light, humidity, pressure, shock, and tilt. You can flexibly combine these values to form climate ranges for each product you ship including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, food, and other climate sensitive cargo.

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Companies in need of temperature sensitive shipping methods now-a-days encounter a regulatory environment that becomes more stringent every month. The days of just moving your freight from A to B within a restricted time frame have long gone.

In order to comply with all new laws & regulations it is good to see that a company like CargoSense has the tools to manage these ever growing expectations from the field.

That plus the willingness to listen, adapt and develop to the specific needs of a customer makes them a great asset to our industry.

—Philip Dekker, Expeditors Regional Director, Belgium, Luxembourg & Iberia

Work your data as a team with quick access

When excursions happen in your shipments, you need to quickly work
with your team and your transportation providers to figure out the root
cause of what happened and prevent it from happening again. Our
system notifies you of excursions as soon as it sees them and you can
work with your team and transportation providers to quickly drill into
the data to find out when and where the issues occured.

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