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The CargoSense platform goes far beyond temperature monitoring and simple climate excursions to provide complete and historical insights of how transportation providers are handling goods within the supply chain at the individual box and product level.

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Companies in need of temperature sensitive shipping methods now-a-days encounter a regulatory environment that becomes more stringent every month*. The days of just moving your freight from A to B within a restricted time frame have long gone.

In order to comply with all new laws & regulations it is good to see that a company like CargoSense has the tools to manage these ever growing expectations from the field.

—Philip Dekker, Expeditors Regional Director, Belgium, Luxembourg & Iberia

* CargoSense meets guidelines for use under European Good Distribution Practice

Leverage Smart Datato Control Your Logistics Process

The problem of control in logistics is once your product leaves your warehouses you have no visibility into HOW your product is doing until it arrives at its destination. This lack of control, and the damage and loss you incur, can only be offset with proper measurement. With data you can reduce loss over time, but by using smart data you can optimize your quality control process and your standard operating procedures.


Analyze. Share. Correlate. Act.

Effectively and efficiently work with supply chain partners to identify, annotate and share an identified root cause to remove bad actors and prevent reoccurrence. Our system provides contextual validation of a product’s environmental status by recording a complete set of historical events regarding how, when, and where issues occurred. Share this across your teams to quickly identify and adjust your procedures the right way - the first time.

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